Fact Sheet


Smart Commute encourages and enables people to of all ages and abilities to walk, bicylce, carpool or take public transit to get to school, work or run errands.


FitnessGet Healthy

Physical inactivity is the leading cause of disease and disability, accounting for 22% of colon cancer, 18% osteoporotic fractures, and 12% of diabetes and hypertension.  Incorporating biking or walking into everyday life can burn calories, tone muscles and increase overal fitness levels.

MoneySave Money

Transportation expenses consume an average of 19 percent of a family's budget.  The increasing costs for fule, automobile maintenance, and parking fees can easily be replaced with the low cost of a good pair of walking shoes, a public transit pass, or bicycle commuting equiptment.

GreenBe Green

Each mile driven in a car produces 0.92 pounds of CO2 or approximately 9,160 pounds per 10,000 miles!  By walking, biking, or using public transportation, individuals can reduce their carbon footprint and make the community cleaner and more livable for future generations.

Why Smart Commute?

Get Healthy: Burn calories, tone your muscles, and increase your overall fitness level as you walk or bicycle throughout the day.

Save Money: Fuel costs, automobile maintenance, and parking fees make car ownership the second largest household expense.

Be Green: Help make your community a greener place by reducing car trips, the single largest source of air pollution.