How To: Form a Committee

In order for Smart Commute to be successful, it is important that it maximizes community outreach and engagement.  Learn how to form a committe to plan and implement a Smart Commute initiative in your community:

Networking Tools 

10 Tips for Successful Networking

This document explains how to form valuable connections throughout your community.  These tips will be useful for building a committee or organizing a Smart Commute campaign.

Download the Document (.doc)

Social Media Tools

This document discusses how to use online social media to reach people to help with the Smart Commute cause and communicate effectively to committee members.

Download the Document (.doc)

Contacting Potential Members

Invitation Letter

This document is an example of an invitation letter that could be used to recruit comittee members.

Download the Document (.doc)

Committee Contact Information

This is an example of how the committe contact information could be organized.

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Things to Remember

Who to Invite

This document will help you brainstorm who might join in the Smart Commute efforts.

Download the Document (.doc)

Thank you letters

This is a sample thank you letter that can be sent to all Smart Commute team members, thanking them for their hard work and dedication.

Download the Document (.doc)


Why Smart Commute?

Get Healthy: Burn calories, tone your muscles, and increase your overall fitness level as you walk or bicycle throughout the day.

Save Money: Fuel costs, automobile maintenance, and parking fees make car ownership the second largest household expense.

Be Green: Help make your community a greener place by reducing car trips, the single largest source of air pollution.