How To: Manage Marketing and Media

Flint Smart Commute press conference

Managing marketing and and media relations effectively will provide an opportunity to increase recognition and awareness.  Leverage the media with these sample marketing tools:

Marketing/Media Tips

Participating in Social Media

This resource explains the importance of active participation in social media and provides some quick tips for beginners.

Download this Document (.doc) 

Social Media for Marketing

This document lists resources to help you promote a Smart Commute campaign/event via online social media.

Download the Document (.doc)

Media Kit

Curb Your Car Month News Release

It is common to send out a news release before the event, as well as a follow up for after the event.  This document provides a sample of a news release to promote Curb Your Car Month. 

Download the Document (.doc)

Media Alert

This document is a sample media alert that for a Smart Commute event.  Use this format to create your own to distribute to the media prior to and at your event.

Download the Document (.doc)

Fact Sheet

This document is an example of a fact sheet for a Smart Commute event.  Locallize community facts and put them in the media kit.

Download the Document (.doc)

E-mail Blast

This document is an example of an e-mail that can be used to send out to contacts, asking them to send it out as well.

Download the Document (.doc)

Newsletter Blurb

This document is a sample blurb that can be sent out to appropriate organizations, requesting them to post it in their newsletter.

Download the Document (.doc)

Web Blurb

This document is an example of a web blurb that can be posted on partner and community web sites.

Download the Document (.doc)

Sample Posters/Ads

Smart Commute Week Event Poster

This document provides a general 8.5 X 11 Smart Commute Week poster.

Download the Poster (.pdf)

Smart Commute Event Poster

This document provides a Smart Commute Poster to promote upcoming events in detail.

Download the Poster (.pdf)

Bike Commute Class Poster

This document provides a an example of a poster advertising bike commuting classes available at a local college as a part of Smart Commute Week.

Download the Poster (.pdf)

Sample Brochures

Smart Commute Week Brochure

This document provides a basic brochure that highlights Smart Commute Week events and sponsors.

Download the Brochure (.pdf)

Smart Commute Bus Brochure

This document provides a detailed brochure for Smart Commute Week defining Smart Commute and promoting reasons for participating.

Download the Document (.pdf)

Sample Post Card


This document provides a sample of the front and backside of a Smart Commute Day postcard reminding people to register for the events.

Download the Postcard (.pdf)

Sample Handouts

Commute T-Shirt - Green

This document shows a sample design used for a Smart Commute Day t-shirt.

Download the Document (.pdf)

Smart Commute Week Button

This document provides two Smart Commute Week button designs.

Download the Button (.pdf)

Sample Proclamation

Smart Commute Proclamation

This document provides a sample proclamation by Mayor Don Williamson declaring May 11-18 Smart Commute Week.  This would be obtained and used to increase community awareness.

Download the Document (.doc)


Why Smart Commute?

Get Healthy: Burn calories, tone your muscles, and increase your overall fitness level as you walk or bicycle throughout the day.

Save Money: Fuel costs, automobile maintenance, and parking fees make car ownership the second largest household expense.

Be Green: Help make your community a greener place by reducing car trips, the single largest source of air pollution.