How To: Plan an Event

Kalamazoo, MI

Use these sample documents and informational resources to help plan a Smart Commute Event in your community: 

Event Planning Tips & Tools

Top 10 Event Planning List

Never planned an event before?  No need to worry, here is a list of the top 10 most important things to remember when planning an event.

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Event Guide

This document is an event guide that explains the necessary steps to plan a typical Smart Commute event.

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Smart Commute General Information

This sheet provides general information about a typical Smart Commute celebration and how workplaces can take part in it.

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Smart Commute Programs and Events

This document gives examples of what types of programs and events that could be offered for a Smart Commute event.

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This is an example of a "Save the Date" handout with a list of day-by-day events that could take place throughout a Smart Commute event.

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Local Design Specs

This document provides guidelines and application for a Bicycle Rack Design Competition, where local artists submit ideas for bike rakes around the community.

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Developing a Budget 

Smart Commute Budget

This spreadsheet provides a sample budget for Smart Commute.  A customized version of this should help you estimate costs and income for your Smart Commute event.

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Developing a Timeline/Work Plan

Smart Commute Timeline

This document illustrates a typical timeline for the Smart Commute planning process. It outlines items that can give you an idea of how to organize the planning for your event.

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Smart Commute Work Plan

This document provides a sample workplan for assigning work activities to team members and setting dates for them to be completed.

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Useful Materials

Smart Commute Cookbook

This pamphlet is intended to guide other communities who are interested in hosting a local Smart Commute event. 

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Don't Forget the Evaluation Component!

Smart Commute Evaluation

This questionnaire helps gather feedback about the planning process and events from participants after Smart Commute.

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Smart Commute Wrap-up Questions

This document supplies wrap-up questions to ask at your team the end of a Smart Commute event for ways to improve the next event.

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Prize Registration Form

This document encourages participants to register for your Smart Commute event and provide basic information to win a prize.

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Why Smart Commute?

Get Healthy: Burn calories, tone your muscles, and increase your overall fitness level as you walk or bicycle throughout the day.

Save Money: Fuel costs, automobile maintenance, and parking fees make car ownership the second largest household expense.

Be Green: Help make your community a greener place by reducing car trips, the single largest source of air pollution.