How To: Register Participants

The Commuter Challenge is a friendly competition between local businesses and organizations to see who can log the most sustainable commutes, while earning prizes, recognition and bragging rights.  These resources will help you engage worksites to participate:

Commuter Challenge Overview

This document lays out an example of Commuter Challenge goals and rules. This is a comprehensive example of one community's approach to the Commuter Challenge. 

Download the Document (.doc)

Commuter Challenge Packet

This document provides all the resources an organization needs to get started in the Commute Challenge, including example overview and rules, prize information, tips for team captains, and information on ambassadors.

Download the Packet (.doc)

Tips for Team Captain

This document gives step-by-step instructions for team captains to effectively organize and engage co-workers to participate in the Commute Challenge.  

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Commuter Invitation Letter

This document is a letter encouraging friends and co-workers to participate in the Commuter Challenge.

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Participation and Rules

This document highlights example goals of and rules for participating in the Commuter Challenge.

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Employee Commute Tracking Chart

This document is a chart that worksite teams can use to track employee's smart commute points during the week.

Download the Document (.pdf)


Commute Challenge Prize Information

This document gives information about how employee or organizations can earn points toward prizes during the Commute Challenge.

Download the Document (.doc)

Commuter Challenge Winner Stickers for Bike Racks

As a prize example, this document shows bike rack stickers for Commuter Challenge winners.

Download the Stickers (.pdf)


This questionnaire will help you gather feedback from Commuter Challenge participants.

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Bicycling Towards Tax Credit

Attn employers: You can now receive $20 per month in tax write-offs for every employee who commutes by bicycle.  This allows employers to reimburse its employees for reasonable expenses such as the purchase of a bicycle, improvements made, and repairs and storage, if the bicycle is regularly used for commuting from home to work.

Register your business and employees for the Bicycle Commuter Tax Provision.

Smart Commute Employer Handout

Attn employees: Do you want your organization to participate in a Commuter Challenge?  Just give your employers this information handout to fill them in on Smart Commute and get things started!

Download this Document (.doc)

Why Smart Commute?

Get Healthy: Burn calories, tone your muscles, and increase your overall fitness level as you walk or bicycle throughout the day.

Save Money: Fuel costs, automobile maintenance, and parking fees make car ownership the second largest household expense.

Be Green: Help make your community a greener place by reducing car trips, the single largest source of air pollution.